I recently attended a workshop by one very talented and inspiring Canadian educator George Couros . After a long but incredibly stimulating day of professional learning about making the best use of technology in the classroom (including Twitter, Blogging, online apps, and ways to inspire our students’ creativity) I walked away buzzing with ideas about how different my classroom is going to look next year!

The school I work at has begun the process of converting to a 1:1 laptop school. A daunting prospect but one that opens the door to so many opportunities. Next year 100% of our students will have their own device so we really do need to look at how we put them to use, avoiding the computers becoming what George called “a thousand dollar pencil.” Whilst certainly not a technophobe, I was a little nervous about what that meant for the classroom. It is all well and good for students to access technology, but I need the PD to keep up with what they’re doing too!

George’s workshop “Leading Learning in a Digital Age” put my mind at rest and it hit me that as a relatively tech-savvy 24 year old, I don’t need to change that much to see incredible results! By the end of the day I was tweeting with (relative) fluency, and was already forming the ideas for what my own personal, professional blog would look like. Next year I will be insisting that my students have blogs to demonstrate their learning, and in an educational environment that is becoming increasingly collaborative, it was only natural that I should be doing the same thing. So… voila!

The title ‘Teaching as Learning’ reflects my belief (and I’m sure that of many others) that as teachers we are also inherently learners. And I find that my most meaningful learning is most often collaborative: a result of working together with colleagues, and – of equal importance – with my students. So the aim of my blog is to document the learning I am involved in, both through formal projects and through the gems of lessons that my students teach me, in the hope that it will enrich my learning, my teaching, the learning of my students, and hopefully that of anybody who reads its content.

So here goes. Time to jump on in to an amazing world of education.

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