Why teachers have taken to Twitter

I will be honest, I was late to jump on board with Twitter. I’ve had am account for some time, but had no idea how to use it and had about 3 followers: my partner and two of his mates. I watched them post Tweets about sport and funny comments about their days, but couldn’t work out how this was different from what I could do with my Facebook account and reach a much wider audience of my friends. Twitter held no appeal and so my account lay dormant.

Two weeks ago, George Couros’s workshop Leading Learning in a Digital Age converted me. I realised that I was actually a little behind because there was a huge and growing network of educators on Twitter, sharing ideas and connecting with Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) across the world. I was missing out!!

An article today’s Age explains more about why teachers and principals are tweeting and learning professionally no matter their location.

As for me, whilst I’m still new to the Twittersphere, I find it amazing and exciting to be connecting globally, sharing with and learning from educators from all walks of life. Twitter gives educators’ voices another medium, and the instant feedback from others is motivating. Now I wonder how my students can learn from this. The possibilities are endless!

2 responses

  1. I second that. Twitter is an excellent way to keep in touch with people and organizations that are important to you. I doesn’t have to be purely professional I enjoy, for example, Forbes and the Atlantic for their often thoughtful views. As a geek I enjoy Ars technica and Scientific American. My Hockey fan friends follow their teams and players…and so on.

    1. Thanks for the comment Maurice. I am really enjoying connecting with educators from across the world, but like you, am also enjoying using Twitter to follow personal interests. My partner uses it to follow and connect with his NFL and baseball teams – I think it makes him feel closer to the action given that there is such a huge geographical distance between them!

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