8 apps that are on my iPad for 2013

As the beginning of the 2013 school year nears (I go back to work this week), I’ve taken some time to set up my iPad ready for the return to the classroom. Our school will be a 1:1 laptop school this year and I want to be ready from Day One. There are a number of great apps that I have come across on various blogs, websites or through chats with colleagues during the break that I will be  using to organise the administration, planning and implementation of my teaching. I have included a brief description of each, and provided links to the iTunes site for further details.

teacher kit

Teacher Kit: Go paperless with your gradebook. A personal organiser for teachers that allows you to add numerous classes and collate information about individual students including photos, parent contact details, grades, attendance and behaviour.




Educreations: An interactive whiteboard on for your iPad. Easy to use app that allows you to record a video tutorial while you tap, draw, type and speak. Then upload it to the Educreations website as a private or public file, or share with students or colleagues via email.



Explain Everything: Similar to Educreations. Create your own video tutorials for students via simple to use screencasting. A range of options for saving and sharing.



Good Notes

 Good Notes: Draw, write, type up notes, or mark-up PDF files. Saves the files in notebooks that can be shared as entire notebooks or as individual pages. Free version is limited to two notebooks, paid version allows you unlimited files.



Meeting Box

Meeting Box: An easy way to store minutes from meetings. Make audio recordings of discussions and type or write notes, then file them as you desire. Notes can be shared with others via email.



timetable pad

Timetable Pad: Set up and customise your timetable, including short notes for each lesson. Not designed for timetables that are continually changing, but great for school or uni. (I intend to use this one to give me an overview of my lesson plans for the week, all on one easily accessible screen.)




Socrative: A handy and easy to use instant-polling/student response app. Can be accessed from any device with a web browser.





Lesson Planner: An app designed by Selena Woodward , a South Australian teacher, blogger and Education Technology Consultant at Flinders University, Provides creative ideas for lessons that are based on the Four Part Accelerated Learning Cycle (Connect-Activate-Demonstrate-Consolidate).

4 responses

  1. HI Melissa,
    Thanks for the list of apps which I’m about to check out at the app store. I’d love it if you could post an update in a few weeks to let us know how they went.

    1. Thanks, Corinne. Will do!

  2. […] This post is a follow up to one from a couple of weeks ago – 8 apps that are on my iPad for 2013. […]

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