Why I love iTeacherBook

There’s been a bit of a hiatus since my last post. This generally means that things have been crazy at work with final assessments, exams, marking, reporting and change of semester. Now that this whirlwind of a week is nearly over, I finally have a bit of time to myself and I wanted to share the latest app that I’ve discovered.

At the beginning of the year I posted about a list of apps that were assisting in the various facets of my teaching. Teacher Kit was one of them. I was raving about it. But now, to be honest, I’ve moved past it. Why? Because I started to find it wasn’t as flexible in its functions as I wanted. And because I’ve discovered iTeacherBook. This app is built on a similar principle to Teacher Kit, but it’s like its more mature, sophisticated older sibling.

Some features I particularly like about iTeacherBook include:

– ability to construct flexible weekly timetable.photo (1)

– reminders about classes.

– take attendance and record student grades with the ability to export to other programs.

– record lesson plans and review plans for previous and future lessons.

photo (2)

– send assignments to students directly from the app.

– sync all data between phone and ipad apps so you can access it anywhere any time.

iTeacherBook finally does everything I ever hoped Teacher Kit would develop. It is literally your brick-like teacher planner in a professional, easy-to-use electronic form. Highly recommended for anyone who likes the ideas behind Teacher Kit but wants greater functionality.

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