Happy 2nd Anniversary!

So, I logged into WordPress this evening to discover that today is the 2nd anniversary of this blog!



How far it has come since I first jumped into the blogosphere with this post about venturing into the big, wide digital world.

And how much I have learnt in two short years as well. I have been very fortunate in the first five years of my career to have had a range of colleagues, mentors and leaders who have supported me in my professional development, and challenged me to take on roles with increasing responsibility. These opportunities have helped me to find my passion in Literacy and ESL pedagogy, and to pursue that in my on-going training and practice.

But as this year begins to draw to a close – my Year 12s sit their final exam on Tuesday, Year 10s and 11s finish not long afterwards, and there are just four short weeks left with the Year 8s and 9s – it’s time to look ahead to a new adventure. I will be crossing the border and heading to Sydney at the end of 2014, so there may be a slightly different flavour to my blog as I explore the NSW system, get to know the finer details of a new curriculum, and settle into a new and exciting role.

I’m looking forward to new opportunities and challenges, and lots of learning to write about in the third year of my WordPress existence!

2 responses

  1. Congratulations and good luck for the future Melissa. I always read your blog even though I am not a teacher.

  2. Good luck on the next phase of the journey!

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