About Me

I am a secondary teacher in New South Wales with a previous 5 years’ experience in South Australia. I teach English, EAL and Italian and have a passion for language and literacy. I love learning and encourage my students to engage with their passions and interests. As an educator I aim to facilitate learners’ ability to be creative, curious and dedicated.

The title of this blog ‘Teaching as Learning’ reflects my belief (and I’m sure that of many others) that as teachers we are also inherently learners. And I find that my most meaningful learning is most often collaborative: a result of working together with colleagues, and – of equal importance – with my students. So the aim of my blog is to document the learning I am involved in, both through formal projects and through the gems of lessons that my students teach me, in the hope that it will enrich my learning, my teaching, the learning of my students, and hopefully that of anybody who reads its content.

Connect with me via:

Twitter: @MelissaP2302

LinkedIn: au.linkedin.com/pub/melissa-phillips/60/448/6ba

2 responses

  1. Hey Melissa. Hope u r well. I am in a New Arrivals meeting and your blog has been recommended by one of our teachers. Love it.

    1. Hi Helen! Thanks for your comment and feedback! What a small world for my blog to be shared with your team 🙂

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